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INTROSPECT is an ebook by @visakanv about becoming who you are. It's a modern remix of riffs from Nietzsche, Emerson, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and others. It's about hitting "inspect element" on your inherited narratives, troubleshooting them, and experimenting with them to suit you better. It's about cultivating a tinkering mindset, and tinkering with your mindset. Dismantle your inner authoritarian. Transform your inner life from prison to playground, from ordeal to adventure. Become friends with yourself. Earn your own self-respect and admiration.

Praise for INTROSPECT:

“…this book has sutured a number of my mental/psychological wounds.” – @bejapewa

“Particularly i wanted to comment on how incredibly effective I found (Introspect’s) style which disarmed me BAM, i’ve never read a book that felt so much like a human living project, somehow i felt like i was writing it myself with all the tangents and brilliant flashes and cliches and circles and meta commentary of real life thinking.” – Nicole M

“(Introspect) is probably the self-help book with the most humility I’ve read – the way it breaks the fourth wall is well-done. The mythic framing of the journey into the self is beautiful.” – Marie

“The book has a million things good about it, plenty of practical advice tailored towards understanding yourself, building approaches to managing your psychology, and confronting your deepest fears — and astonishingly, it delivers on its immensely ambitious metaphorical arc.” – @annihalated

"I think its safe to say that this book has gently and casually shattered my self-concept." – @russlramos

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57 ratings
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